Torres: My game suits Liverpool

Fernando Torres is enjoying life at Liverpool.

The former Atletico Madrid star told : "I feel liberated and am enjoying myself like when I first arrived at Atletico. I did not expect to receive so much help with settling in.

"Everything is working out fine, though I am still quite a way off from completely settling in. We are finding our feet - though the goals and victories make everything a lot easier.

"At Atletico I was more involved in the middle of the park and I had to drop deep to look for the ball before even thinking of attacking the rival's box.

"At Liverpool we have players in the middle of the park who take care of that job, because here each player has a defined role within the team.

"Maybe that is one of the reasons why playing football in England benefits my game. We play a more direct football, it is also quick with plenty of counter-attacks and you also have extra support from people making late runs."

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