Torres goals hitting Liverpool bank balance

Fernando Torres' scoring run for Liverpool is hurting the club's bank balance!

The News of the World says the struggling Kop giants must pay Atletico Madrid an extra £150,000 for every 15 goals the Spanish striker gets.

His former club Atletico Madrid negotiated the unique clause in his contract on top of the £21million fee when he moved to Merseyside last summer.

Torres, 23, has already grabbed 18 goals in all competitions to trigger one bonus payment to Atletico.

Torres said: "I'm keeping everyone happy! Liverpool get the goals and Atletico get the money.

"I honestly did not think I would score as many goals as I have so soon. But things have gone well for me.

"Now I just want them to go better for the team in general so we can win the league or a cup to reward everyone's hard work."

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