Costa Rican and new FC Dallas defender Daniel Torres is getting use to his new club. He told "I've been here only for three and a half days and so far, so good.

"I'm comfortable and know most of the guys. I'm trying to adjust to them and they're trying to adjust to me. It's part of the process. It's a brand new team with a lot of young guys. There is a lot of responsibility with having to pull this thing together."

Torres is aware why he has been brought in to bolster the defence and give the team a greater depth in experience.

"The youth of the team is a big plus," he said. "It's a double-edged weapon as well because there is some inexperience. That's where guys like Pablo (Ricchetti), Dario (Sala) and I come in. That's why we have the responsibility to help this team in leadership by being vocal during the games and stuff like that. The potential is pretty huge. There are some really good players here. They need to grow up and get better. We are going to try to make it happen this year. We want to make the playoffs this year for sure."

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