Thaksin may seek Man City buyer

Thaksin Shinawatra could be soon seeking a new buyer for Manchester City, it has been revealed.

The News of the World says Shinawatra, who paid £80m to buy City and splashed out another £40m on new players, is said to be shocked by the drain on his resources.

He is facing another bill of £4m in compensation when Sven Goran Eriksson goes and another £2m should the rest of the backroom staff join him.

One Eastlands source said: "Shinawatra and his people have been performing a very skilful juggling act with the TV revenue, season tickets sales and other sponsorship money.

"But the time is approaching where he will need help from outside sources if he is going to continue to progress the club.

"If help is not forthcoming there are even suggestions that he might bale out and put the club up for sale - but at the moment that is a distant prospect."

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