Carlos Tevez says he'll stay with Manchester United for five years before quitting and returning to former club Boca Juniors in Argentina.

Tevez, 23, has another season left on his current deal at Old Trafford but hopes to stay for a further four years after that.

While he says he 'could' extend his deal he has vowed to definitely return to Argentina and the club where he started his career.

Tevez said: "At 28, I want to be in Boca. I have another year on my contract with Manchester and I could extend it for four years more then return.

"But I want to return to Boca at my peak not as some fatso. Imagine if you cannot move - they'd scream insults at you. If I return it will be to get stuck in and play!

"But I'd like to stay a few more years in Manchester. They look after me well."