Carlos Tevez regards Paul Scholes as the best player at Manchester United.

Tevez, 24, said: "When you see Scholes day to day, he's incredible.

"He's the motor of Manchester and has been for a long while.

"He's a fundamental piece for the manager and ourselves - that's very noticeable - and he has incredible quality and personality.

"Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are fantastic players but if you ask me who is the one that has surprised me the most, then it's Scholesy."

Tevez has 15 goals this season, Rooney 13 and Ronaldo an amazing 30.

Tevez said: "Rooney's a phenomenon. He has treated me well. He was one of the first to look after me when I arrived. He always asked me if I needed anything. He's a good colleague.

"As a person he's impressed me a lot. He helped me a lot in everything. As a player he is one of the ones who surprised me the most, he and Scholes."