Sydney FC chief executive Stefan Kamasz wants a security provision put in place to protect young players at the club. The Sky Blues are likely to lose three of their National Youth League-winning team which frustrates Kamasz.

He believes Football Federation Australia need to step in and stop rival clubs taking homegrown talent.

"It's something the FFA has to look at. I know the National Youth League only had its first year last year, but we're looking to create a youth academy and try to develop players, so there must be a way the club can keep them," Kamasz said.

"You don't want to warehouse them so you've got a whole stack of kids, but there must be some kind of dispensation that allows clubs to continue to develop kids if they want to keep them, as we do.

"We've lost so many experienced players and we had to replace at least some of them, but having already promoted some youngsters to the senior team, there's nothing which allows us to keep those youth players at the club if someone else comes in."