Swansea winger Dyer: We play football the right way

Swansea City winger Nathan Dyer says their success is due to sticking to their playing principles.

Dyer has been one of Swansea's revelations this season.

He told The Sun: "There are no big-time Charlies at this club, just a unified belief that is present throughout the club. Everyone has written us off but then we got written off in the Championship twice and the critics said we would be lucky to escape relegation.

"So the stigma of being written off has been with us for a long time and doesn't really worry us.

"I think coming up through the play-offs didn't give us a break either because everyone seems to presume the club that takes that route up to the Premier League is a sure fire bet to go down. But we have shocked people because we have played football and stuck to our beliefs.

"We haven't adopted a new style to try and survive. When we went to Liverpool we got a round of applause from their supporters — and not many promoted teams can say that.

"We have belief in the way we play and we play the right way."

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