Swansea City captain Garry Monk admits he feels a responsibility leading the club in the Premier League.

Monk believes they're representing all of Wales this season.

He told Absolute Radio: "Yeah, without a doubt. Of course we're representing Wales as well you know; the first Welsh team to reach the premiership and it's a big thing you know. We're not just representing Swansea as a city, we're representing the whole of Wales and I think we've said that before.

"We've said that in meetings and the importance of realising that and realising the history of the club and everything, it goes along with it, so yeah, without a doubt. I've been here for nearly eight years now, this is my eighth season and you know I know the city inside out, I know the people and how they feel about the club and obviously they're proud Welshmen as well and it's important that we recognise that as players."

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