Swansea City fullback Neil Taylor says they're proud of the plaudits coming their way.

The Swans style has brought them attention from around the world.

Taylor told the Daily Express: "We smile when people call us Swansealona, but we work every day to play this sort of football. We played like this in the Championship, but we didn't get the recognition because it's not the Premier League. But when we turn over teams like Manchester City, people sit up and watch.

"Barcelona have been the best team in Europe for the last five or six years. Their style of football is not very well known in this country, so people see us as a breath of fresh air to be trying it in the Premier League.

"We talk about Barcelona in training and, though we are miles away from them, they are a club we aspire to be like. It's not just on the pitch, not just the youngsters they bring through, it's the whole club model."