Sunderland goalkeeper Craig Gordon has revealed how Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has threatened to have his wages docked should he not turn in a blinder for Scotland tomorrow night in France.

He told the Daily Record: "Sir Alex did actually have a word for me after the game at Old Trafford. He warned me if I didn't make saves like I did against his team when we play France he'll make sure I get fined.

"No pressure on me then, eh? Actually, it was a thrill to play at Old Trafford and it was terrific to look back on where I'd come from to where I was playing that day.

"I didn't want to think too much about the occasion before I got there and concentrated on trying to treat it like just another game.

"However, I walked out for my warm-up beforehand and the back of the stands were so high I could barely even see them. It must be like watching Subbuteo from up there.

"It's a long way from what I've been used to and the noise was so great I couldn't even hear players shouting 10 yards in front of me."