Sunderland striker Fraizer Campbell wants to cap his wonder week with victory at Newcastle United today.

Campbell, the England new-boy and brand new dad, hopes to round off the greatest week of his life today.

He said: "My girlfriend wasn't due to give birth until Monday so we thought we were safe but she rang me at six in the morning.

"At first I couldn't understand why Emma was waking me up so early on a match day.

"She said she thought it was about to happen and I spent the rest of the day sitting in my room, having conversations with Emma, my dad and the doctor wondering what to do.

"Stuart Pearce told me to do what I felt I needed to. I didn't want to miss the birth but I didn't want to go back and the baby not to come til the day after.

"I also had about 30 or 35 ­relatives and friends who had hired a bus to come to Wembley so I owed it to them to hang around."