Sunderland goalkeeper Keiren Westwood says he would've quit the club if Simon Mignolet had stayed.

The Belgian has been sold to Liverpool this summer.

"I think the summer was going to be a bit of a crossroads for me," Westwood told the Evening Chronicle.

"I actually love it here, it's a fantastic club and I get on great with everybody. I've got a lot of good friends here.

"It would have been a wrench to leave, but on the other side of it, I have to think of my career. I want to play. Everybody knows I want to play. It's not in my nature to sit on the bench.

"I would rather go and play for a Championship team on less money and play every week, just so I get that buzz on a Saturday.

"Sitting on the bench in the Premier League and picking up money is not my desire or attitude. It's a trap I don't want to fall into."