Securing Premiership survival will boost Sunderland's club coffers by at least £17m next season.

If Roy Keane's team had been relegated, the club would have received a "parachute payment" of about £12m from the Central Broadcast Distribution.

But having remained in the Premiership, the Black Cats will bag £30m.

Peter Hackelton, a senior manager with Deloitte's sports business group, said Sunderland's first season back in the top flight was worth more than £33m in TV payments and prize money alone.

He said: "As well as TV revenue, there is a certain amount allocated to merit money.

"For every place above the bottom, it is about three-quarters of a million.

"Sunderland finished 15th and got about £4.5m extra, so Sunderland's total payment was about £33.5m."