Sunderland, Blackburn target Kazim-Richards admits car crash could have cost career

Fenerbahce winger Colin Kazim-Richards admits his career could've come to an end after a recent car crash.

Kazim-Richards, who is interesting Sunderland and Blackburn Rovers ahead of next month's transfer market, emerged from the spectacular crash with a broken wrist.

The former Sheffield United winger told Sky Sports: “The car flipped over six or seven times and as it flipped over my body just managed to come out of my seat and across both seats because I didn’t have my seatbelt on so always wear your seatbelt.

“It’s (his wrist) is still broken. I’m still supposed to have the cast on for four weeks. There’s three pins holding it in. But lucky it’s not my legs. As soon as I crashed I touched my legs and I touched my face and they were alright so it was ok.”

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