Strachan said: "We need players with strong minds. Thankfully Artur has that.

"I hadn't seen much of him before I signed him, didn't see him make too many saves. But I met Artur for 10 minutes in Poland and thought: 'Oh aye, you have a real presence'.

"When I was at Aberdeen I thought we had a chance of beating any side because we had Willie Miller and Alex McLeish at the heart of the defence. I think our lads feel that way with Artur.

"It's vital to have a good goalie. Jim Blyth, our goalkeeping coach, always says you judge a keeper on the amount of howlers he makes. It's not about how many good saves he makes.

"There have been a couple of boo-boos recently by Paul Robinson but I think he's a good keeper with a good record.

"We know what we'll get from Artur. He had that great penalty save from Saha and another good stop just before it in the game against Manchester United. He's an important player and likes the big occasion."