Stoke City midfielder Rory Delap insists there's no secret to the vicious throw-ins that undid Arsenal on Saturday.

Delap said: "I haven't got a clue how fast it is. There's no secret. It's just throwing it in there and the lads are doing ever so well to get on the end of it. If I throw the perfect ball in, it's so hard to defend against. If I was coming up against it, I wouldn't know how to defend it.

"I don't look after my arms especially. I'm still in the garden with the kids, throwing balls for them.

"It's a buzz and it gets the fans going.

"Obviously, everyone knows about it now but it's still working, so it's still worrying teams.

"If it's not working, then I will probably start getting slaughtered but - at the moment - I'm enjoying it."