Stoke City boss Tony Pulis is tightlipped on whether Michael Owen will see action against Southampton.

Stoke take on Southampton in the final match of their Premier League season on Sunday, although Pulis refused to confirm whether he would start or not.

Pulis said: "He has been fantastic around the place. He has been a really, really good lad.

"He's not had the playing time he's wanted, and I know he has been disappointed with that.

"But he's been good around the place, very supportive of the players who have enjoyed his company. He has certainly got a lot closer to them as the season has gone on and that has been nice to see, him blossom within the group.

"I know people have been talking about Beckham and his career, well, Michael's career has been absolutely outstanding.

"A lot of people will say Michael had a career as good as Beckham's in lots of respects.

"So there will be a send off for him at Southampton on Sunday for what has been an absolutely wonderful career.

"As to whether he'll play, I'll be telling him first before anybody else."