Stoke City boss Tony Pulis says he's experiencing the toughest moment of his career.

In a 21-year managerial career that has taken him through the divisions, Pulis feels he is equipped to deal with the challenge.

"I think publicity-wise it is the hardest time I've had - but I have had tougher times with teams that haven't been as good as this one, and you've had to eke out results," said Pulis, who has managed six clubs.

"But everything that goes with the Premier League is magnified and multiplied enormously.

"We have to concentrate on ourselves and not take too much notice of what is going on around us.

"You have got to stay focused and stay strong. I don't get too up or too down in lots of respects.

"I do lose my temper now and again but in respect of being level and strong, you have to stand up and I don't mind doing that."