Stoke City boss Mark Hughes isn't surprised by the rash of sackings in the past week.

Hughes, sacked himself by QPR last season, believes time is no longer a luxury managers have.

"It sees to be more prevalent in this day and age," he said.

"It seems it is all too easy to change managers and coaches and it is shame because it doesn't just affect managers but coaching staff, families and individuals around that.

"You make a change of personnel at the top but it affects others around them deeply and personally.

"Every Premier League manager works exceptionally hard to make any club a success and it is a real shame that managers lose their job.

"It is no coincidence that clubs who have had success like Manchester United and Arsenal have had the continuity of a manager in place.

"Everyone knows the standards and what is expected and when you have that longevity without a shadow of a doubt it brings success."