Standard Liege defender Zeki Fryers has no regrets leaving Manchester United this season.

Fryers has explained why he shocked the club and gave up his Reds future.

"United offered a three-year contract but I rejected the offer," he told the Manchester Evening News. "Spurs were interested but the fee was too much. Then Standard Liege arrived with a good opportunity for me to play regular games and get experience.

"I thought it was the right time for me to leave and get experience playing in a good league. You never know what will happen in football, but I made the right decision for me.

"I feel the club would have still brought in a left-back because there was talk of me and Fabio going on loan.

"For me, every game is more experience. It is a new challenge for me but I think I'm doing well as far as now. The Belgian League is different, but there is a lot of quality. It has developed some great players that are now in the Premier League.

"Standard Liege is a top club in Belgium who want to be in the top three every year. We are not doing so well at the moment but are getting better. With the play-off system, the end of the season is the most important period.

"It is important to play different styles of football, but it is also a big challenge as you need to adapt to living in another country and the way they play.

"My first goal is to grow as a player, not to get international recognition directly. In football, everything changes very quickly.

"Today I'm at Standard in the first year of my contract (he signed a two-year deal) and I want it to be as good as possible. Maybe after that I can go one step higher."