Tottenham striker Peter Crouch admits he's happy to see England coach Fabio Capello dump his ratings index.

Capello has now shelved plans to rate his players on the internet.

Crouch said: "I read in the papers about the Capello Index but it's been postponed.

"It's probably a good thing for me. I've got to be honest, I probably would have spent a bit of time on my laptop looking up the marks out of 10.

"The lads do look at the papers. No disrespect to the journalists and how you do it but the rest of the world is looking at it.

"Whoever buys the newspapers is going to be looking at it.

"If I've got a four out of 10 then the however many million copies you sell, the readers are going to believe that.

"But to be honest I only look when I've had a good game. I'm not joking!"