Tottenham star Gareth Bale has been warned about trade marking his goal celebration.

The Sun reports the 'Eleven Of Hearts' logo is the first step in marketing the Tottenham star as a global brand.

Marketing expert Marcel Knobil, founder of Superbrands, reckons Bale is well placed to take advantage if his popularity continues to grow.

He said: "Some could say it is a touch premature for Gareth Bale to register a trademark if you look at his personality compared to somebody like David Beckham or Tiger Woods.

"Bale has very strong football attributes but it takes time for brand attributes to develop - Beckham's came after he was an established player.

"There is also a danger that trade marking a celebration could invite cynicism as every time he is pictured celebrating people could ask whether it is for the joy of scoring a goal or for his brand."