Tottenham goalkeeper Paul Robinson says he can cop the barracking from fans after his England clanger this week.

He said: "That's football. I've had criticism before after the Croatia game and I'm definitely a stronger person for that.

"In fact, that will help me deal with what has happened this week. I'll be stronger again for it.

"I've been really pleased with how I've played for Tottenham this season and I'll aim to continue that.

"It is a huge test of character, as it doesn't just affect me. I've a wife and family, parents and you have to be strong for them - and I will be. My performances for Tottenham will continue to be good.

"Playing for England, everything gets magnified and everyone sees it.

"It's a difficult job being the England goalkeeper and I won't deny that. It's the best job in the world but some days - like the last couple - it's also the worst job."