Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel can't see Liverpool selling Luis Suarez.

Friedel claims owners FSG have no interest in losing one of their key stars.

"Liverpool won't want to get rid of their best player," he told talkSPORT. "I know from an American psyche that the owners will not be happy with what they're seeing, but they're businessmen, and they're not going to want to just get rid of £22million of investment.

"They will try and work with him, he's an outstanding footballer, but someone has got to try and get hold of him.

"Luis Suarez must have some sort of anger issues," he added. "You never hear about Luis Suarez making a bad tackle or things of that nature. It's always something that astonishes people.

"I've played with a few players of Suarez's former teammates and they all get along with him at training and off the field. They all say he's a good player to have in your team, but he's one of those players who cross the boundary."