Tottenham fullback Alan Hutton admits he was virtually pushed out of Rangers in January.

"It got to the stage where they were saying, 'Just go'. I'll not tell you who but they were saying, 'Go down, you'll enjoy it'," Hutton told the Sunday Times. "Yeah, you can stay at Rangers and you'll win things and play in the Champions League every year, but are you going to progress as a player? To do that you have to go down south."

He added: "I wanted to see out the season with Rangers. I didn't feel it was right to leave halfway through. To just take the leap and go down and be involved in what I have been involved in the past few weeks has been great and has really made it worth it.

"A lot of people were saying, 'If you go down there, you'll not win anything'. Then to win [the Carling Cup] in the third game, that was that out the window. I am glad now I made the decision to go because I feel I am becoming a better player."