While having one Designated Player in their roster in Mexican Omar Bravo, Sporting Kansas City manager Peter Vermes confirmed Wednesday that the team is aggressively chasing a second DP.

Vermes also revealed they were prepared to pay a transfer fee for the right player.

"We are actively pursuing it," Vermes said. "We have a few guys that we've targeted, and we have had preliminary talks with a few different players. It's something that is on our radar.

"This young DP has to fit the overall plan for us.

"It's someone that we have the ability to spend some time with and possibly make an investment for the future.

"A lot of times, when you are looking at a player, you try to go after the guys that are out of contract and are free.

"In this situation, that's not the case. A few of these guys are still under contract, and we would be going after them in a much different way than we've done with most players."