A split inside the Real Madrid dressing room shows no signs of healing.El Mundo Deportivo says Real's Spanish players - plus Gonzalo Higuain - are on one side, while the Portuguese speakers, including Cristiano Ronaldo, is on the other. Xabi Alonso, for his part, is not aligned with either faction.

The blow-up came after defeat at Sevilla. Soymadridista says Real coach Jose Mourinho refused Sergio Ramos' request to stay overnight with his family. The defender blew-up at Mou's decision, complaining to teammates that the same wouldn't happen to Ronaldo. The coach learned of Ramos' comments and axed him for the Champions League victory over Manchester City.

The split has been festering for some time and was highlighted by Ronaldo in his infamous meeting with Real president Florentino Perez on September 1. Ronaldo knows no team can compete seriously for titles with such a fractured dressing room.

Everything will depend on this season's Champions League campaign. Anything but a victory is likely to see a frustrated Mourinho leave at the end of the season.