Before the game, Spalletti had called this test "decisive," but at the final whistle insisted: "A few little defects from our past came up again. Perhaps they are part of our characteristics and maybe even on the flip side a strength.

"We have to work on them, but if we ignore the final half-hour, then the team played pretty well. We were missing quite a few players in midfield and Juventus did well to take advantage of that.

"The squad is a little larger this season, so four or five players out in one go can be a problem, but we have faith in the way we work and trust in whoever will take to the field.

"We know that we need to complete the squad and up until now have worked well on the transfer market. We must not let the last half-hour cloud our judgement on this side. There is work to do, but we know that.

"We are at our best when the ball is played to feet and moved around quickly. If the match ends up as a physical battle with lots of loose balls flying around, then we end up having difficulties."