Southgate urges calm at Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate has called for calm as his team struggles at the wrong end of the table.

"There are any number of clubs that are panicking, making changes and knee-jerk reactions," Southgate told the club's official website. "But to be a successful club long term you have to have foundations in place and we're trying to lay those foundations.

"Unfortunately that's not sexy and it doesn't excite people overnight, but it's the reality of trying to build a football club.

"Some clubs have given managers 12 games to change things, but how you can change any business round in three months is beyond me.

"I'm realistic about where we are, but I also know we're only three points off 12th place. There's lots to work at and improve upon, but we have to maintain a sense of perspective."

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