Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin admits he's a big fan of today's opponents Liverpool.

Schneiderlin has been a Liverpool fan since his time as an academy player in France.

He said: "I was in an academy in Strasbourg and we were watching the game in the same room, there were just an amazing atmosphere, 40 young players were watching that game. It was an amazing moment and I picked them."

The 23-year-old has already has his friends in France on the phone trying to persuade him to get various players shirts after the match. He has always been a huge fan of Steven Gerrard and will get his shirt first - but only if Southampton win today.

Schneiderlin added: "Some friends already called me and said "Morgan bring me the shirt, bring me the shirt". I'm not focussed on that but I will see at the end of the game if we win I will ask for some shirts. If we lose I will be in the shower as quick as possible and gone."