Southampton boss Mauricio Pochettino is ready for tonight's clash at Manchester United.

Pochettino was keen to assert that he is his own man and does not base his football on any other manager.

The 40-year-old said: "I want to establish my own identity as a manager and the way I want my team to play is dynamic, aggressive and attacking football because that is what I feel because I believe that any manager trains as he feels, not as he thinks.

"You can't really copy a way of playing or someone else' s playing. Because when you create your own identity as manager then you are able to transmit that philosophy or that way of playing."

He added: "I learned in general about managers, not just from Mourinho. You can learn from everyone. But it's clear to me my formation doesn't come from another manager. Even as a footballer I already had an awareness of how I wanted to be as a manager."