New Adelaide United signing Andwele Slory has admitted he joined the club because of the influence of fellow Dutchman Rini Coolen.

The 28-year old attacker said that he gave Coolen his word that he would come to Adelaide despite having a few offers from some other clubs and said he was now looking forward to working closely with his compatriot.

"I came because of Rini and because I gave him my word," Slory said.

"After I gave him my word two good clubs came, but I am a man of principles. I talked to him and the feeling was good and if you promise somebody something I think you have to keep your word. I thought I want to go there, I want to play for him and I want to play for this team.

"People told me about him and people know him as a coach. I know he's a quiet coach and he's not crazy on the sidelines.

"For me, it's good when a coach looks like he has confidence and he's easy on the bench, I like it very much."

The former Feyenoord forward will be available to play for his new club in the New Year.