The scholorships, channelled through Poric's Total Football Academy, will go to the best 15-year-olds under his care, with the chosen ones guaranteed two-year stints at Wednesday under the club's development chief Sean McAuley.

Joining Poric on his academy's coaching staff will be former Everton striker Michael Branch and ex-Jordan international Bibet Kaghdo.

"It's a chance for the most promising youngsters to fast track their futures, if they are good enough," Poric told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

"Obviously, with Gold Coast United coming into the A-League there is also a great career path right on the doorstep for local boys.

"But this is just something a bit extra for the lucky ones. If they impress while there then they can go on to sign a professional contract.

The boys will have to be vetted by Wednesday before they go as the club has to see the potential is there."