Sheffield Wednesday legend David Hirst has no regrets turning down Manchester United during his career.

"I could have been sat at Manchester United if I had gone and banged on a manager's door but I never banged on a manager's door in my life, for a wage rise, a transfer or anything," Hirst reflected on Sir Alex Ferguson's approach with the Owls website.

"What came to me I accepted. When it came to contract negotiations we spoke openly with managers and chairmen. I wasn't asking the world I was only asking for what I felt I was due," he continued.

"Manchester United came in with a bid and if I was that sort of player, greedy if you like, I probably could have gone to the manager's door and asked for that to happen but I was happy at Sheffield Wednesday.

"It was a great club that I came into and I achieved some great things with this club and it allowed me to play on the international stage so I would certainly say I don't have any regrets. I am delighted with what I achieved with Sheffield Wednesday."