Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer can't believe the way Manchester City are treating Roberto Mancini.

He wrote in The Sun: "Hung out to dry as the dark clouds began to gather over Wembley. Overnight reports that Manuel Pellegrini was going to replace him had cast a shadow over Manchester City's FA Cup build-up.

"If Pellegrini was not being lined up, City needed to come out with a strong, bold statement in support of their manager. The fact that they did not seemed to say it all.

"And Mancini's team responded like one playing for a lame duck manager.

"But aren't City shooting themselves in the foot here? With Alex Ferguson going there will be an awful lot of change and upheaval across town.

"I believe David Moyes is a good appointment and I applaud Manchester United for going British. But it is still a huge task and a lot for him to take in.

"At City, however, everything is in place, with new signings already identified and Mancini is ready to go again.

"City have a manager who has delivered one title for them.

"Why shouldn't he do it again?"