Seattle Sounders coach Sigi Schmid has belief that the playing group can bounce back from a recent form slump.

After the new franchise started their first season so well, they have experienced a flat period, being held to scoreless draws and not capitalising on their great beginning.

But Schmid says that a young club is bound to go through rough trots and that things will improve in the lead up to the play-offs.

"We're an expansion team, so there are still growing pains," he said.

"We're still finding our identity when crisis hits. Today we didn't get off to a good start so it becomes who steps up, who grabs the reins of the team of horses right now and says, 'Here's what we've got to do. This is the direction we've got to go.'

"For sure, that didn't happen today (in the 0-0 draw with Toronto FC). I'm not going to, but I could point to a number of things. There wasn't anything in the first half that I would say I was pleased with, with maybe the exception of (Kasey) Keller making a few saves.

"It's important that we sort it out when we get on the road. It's important that players understand we need to sort it out within our team to play better. It's not about talking to you guys and telling you guys that people's jobs are on the line. That's not a player's job. A player's job is to go into the locker room and say that if he needs to."