Santos have considered offering a loan return to Manchester City star Robinho.

The potential for a loan deal till the end of the season was considered by Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro.

"I haven't spoken to Robinho, but he is an idol," said Luis Alvaro. "If Corinthians brought Ronaldo, why can't Santos try for Robinho?"

However, after reflecting on how the indebted club would finance a move for a player on £160,000 a week, Luis Alvaro later admitted: "We have a dream, but the distance between dream and reality is huge.

"Santos have made no attempt to sign Robinho because the club is going through a time of settling our finances.

"Even if there was interest, we would first get in touch with Manchester City.

"We are unable to sign him. I want to calm down those who are dreaming about that possibility."