Santos coach Muricy Ramalho says Barcelona is the best move for Neymar.

PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea are all chasing the winger.

"It would be amazing to see a Barcelona side with Neymar and Messi," Ramalho told La Xarxa radio.

"Barcelona is a very similar side to ours. The players like to pass the ball around. I think Neymar would be best suited to Barcelona. Real Madrid plays a different style of football.

"Neymar is destined for Europe after the World Cup. He must choose the club he goes to wisely.

"The best option for me is Barca. Messi is close to becoming the greatest of all time, but he is yet to win the World Cup. Only then will he be at the level of Pele and Maradona."