Roque Santa Cruz admits he agreed to join Blackburn Rovers because of the presence of manager Mark Hughes.

The former Bayern Munich striker told the Sunday Times: "I knew his name and that he had played for Bayern, and everybody told me what a good job he was doing here. The most important thing was to join a team trying to improve, and also a team where I'd have the opportunity to play regularly.

"That was the main reason I wanted to leave Bayern. I want to play as many games as I can. When I talked to the manager, he said I'd have that chance here. He told me about his ambitions for the club and the positive way he thinks football should be played. I found all that very attractive, and when I heard from him the type of striker he was looking for, that clinched my decision."

He is content that it has been the right one. "Already, after four or five months, this feels like home,", he said. "The family [he has a wife and two children] have settled in, the team are doing well and I'm very happy here."