New San Jose signing Bobby Convey is looking forward to a long career in the game and reminds us he still has a few years left. Speaking to the Washington Times, Convey said: "I guess I've just been around for a long time and people think I'm a lot older."

With Convey leaving Reading FC to come back to America, he said: "I was just growing up when I was at D.C., and it was difficult being the youngest soccer player in the league along with all the difficulties of being a teenager. Now my life is different, and my priorities have changed. If all things were equal, I wish I had never left D.C.

"At the time, I wanted to experience England and play against the best players in the best stadiums, and an opportunity presented itself. It was good for myself and good for MLS - they got a good transfer fee - but I did miss D.C. United."

So would Convey consider a return to Europe again?

"I'm still young, and anything could happen in a couple of years," he said.