MLS club San Jose Earthquakes will ramp up their pre-season training in London this week.

The 'Quakes are in the third phase of their preparation for the 2011 season and will undertake a 10-day stay in the home of English football.

They will play three exhibition games while training at the facilities of club partner Tottenham Hotspur for the second consecutive season and coach Frank Yallop said fitness was the main area of improvement for his players.

"Last year, it helped us focus on one thing, and that is soccer," Yallop said.

"Right now it's about fitness."

Yallop also said that he wanted to improve the goalscoring record of his side and combine attack with defence.

"We want to score more goals, but the backbone of winning matches is not conceding bad goals," he added. "The theme right now is being tough to play against."