Sampdoria president Riccardo Garrone insists Angelo Palombo and Antonio Cassano are staying.

"Before I said Antonio was staying at 95 per cent but now I can say that percentage has increased to 99," revealed Garrone.

"I cannot say 100 per cent because in football you never know what is going to happen but at this stage we are really confident he will stay."

The Doria patron also spoke about Angelo Palombo and the club's projects.

"Our captain is not leaving otherwise we would not have renewed his contract," said the President.

"I think we can get into the top ten next year. If we play the same way we did in the second part of last season's campaign then we can go even further. We will be banking on three or four youngsters and they will be playing regularly.

"Playing in the Europa League would be exciting and after all that isn't far from our limits. We need luck though as well as quality."