Sampdoria coach Walter Novellino is excited by the prospect of working with new loan signing Antonio Cassano.

The Real Madrid striker is joining Samp for the season and Novellino said: "Last night the lad called me and I am very, very happy about that.

"It was an important act of humility that shows the first great step towards the right recovery for a player of undoubted quality.

"He certainly doesn't lack the vision and flair. He must focus only on his work, as the past does not exist. As far as I am concerned, my rapport with the player will begin from scratch the day he arrives here for training.

"Usually in this sport when you buy a player, you ask those who worked with him before what he is like. Well, I have never done that and will not start now. I don't want to be conditioned by things I may have heard about him.

"I shall give him the same talk I had with every other player. Here there are rules, respect them and I will respect you. That is all. I don't care what he did before."