Delio Rossi was delighted with the way Palermo grounded out victory over Parma.

The Sicilians beat Parma 2-1 with a late Fabio Simplicio goal and, if Juventus fail to defeat Livorno this evening, will leapfrog the Old Lady in the standings.

"It was a struggle that came against a particularly organised side," said Rossi.

"This game was intense, but I think we deserved to win and did a little more than Parma.

"My squad never lost their heads, even when we conceded an equaliser with two men on the ground injured. The lads did not cry over spilt milk, they got back on their feet and kept on playing."

Can Palermo now be genuine contenders for the Champions League places?

"We're in good shape both physically and psychologically. We gave nothing to a team that tried to cut off our creative centres."