Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney wants to win the lot this season.

"Our main goal at the start of every season is to go far in the major competitions and, if we can, win them," he says. "It's the same this year. We want to win the Premier League and the Champions League, they're the main two, but there's also the FA Cup as well.

"Winning the Premier League is the highlight of my career so far. We went top quite early on in the season and we stayed there right to the end. It was a brilliant season for us. The Champions League is a massive tournament for every player, winning it is something I'd like to achieve in my career."

In an interview with Myspacetv, Rooney also revealed his 5-a-side dream team: "I'd pick Messi, Ronaldinho, Kaka... and I'll throw Rio in because we'd need one defender!"