Roma captain Francesco Totti has apologised to Lazio fans after his 'thumbs down' gesture during yesterday's derby triumph. Totti repeatedly made the gesture after the final whistle of the 2-1 victory, which many took to mean Lazio were 'going down.'

"I'm sorry if someone was offended by my way of celebrating. I let myself get caught up in the passionate atmosphere of this triumph, but didn't want to hurt anyone," said Totti.

He revealed it was aimed at Roberto Baronio, who had made the same gesture to him after the derby earlier this season with the words "you're finished."

"The derby between us and Lazio is this too and anyone in Rome knows that very well. I certainly didn't get upset when someone used my photograph in an insulting manner to fire up the players at the Formello training ground.

"In the past many players, including Biancocelesti, celebrated in an over the top style and made fun of the opposition.

"The truth is that celebration and amusing sarcasm at the end of the game lightens the atmosphere that is felt so intensely in the city."