Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers insists his team have bigger ambitions than fourth place.

Rodgers has set his sights on a much loftier finish ahead of today's clash with Aston Villa.

He said: "Yes, fourth is up for grabs - so is third, so is second and maybe even first. It isn't just about fourth place, this club is bigger than that. There is not that big a difference to second.

"There are 17 points between us and Manchester United and that is a big ask, but 11 points isn't and four points certainly isn't.

"I said to the players that everyone talks about fourth but what about third? They're excited, there is real belief in this group.

"We are 11 points off second, we have still to play Manchester City and we should have beaten them at home. If we get a run of games and stay focused, then it is not fourth we want to aim for."