Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers knows his star players will attract offers this summer.

The Kop manager knows Luis Suarez and Daniel Agger will again be coveted after ­accepting that the Reds are likely to miss out on Champions League ­qualification for a fourth ­successive season.

Rodgers said: "Even clubs that have won the league are faced with having to keep hold of their players. So there's always going to be ­speculation about players here and we expect that to happen again.

"I am a realist. We've got some outstanding players here who other clubs will show interest in.

"But I can only speak from my experience of working with the players here and I think they are all happy.

"Last summer was a ­pivotal time. A lot of players could have left, and we did lose a lot of experience when Maxi Rodriguez and Craig ­Bellamy left, but the rest of them ­decided to stay and some even signed new deals.

"They all seem happy. They seem to want to be here as we move the club forward."