Tommaso Rocchi is unhappy with the media pressure on Lazio.

The striker says the coverage of their woeful season has been unfair.

Rocchi said: "This atmosphere bothers us. I hear a lot spoken about us and I say that Lazio should be left in peace.

"We are professionals. We go on the pitch to give our best in every game. It will be the same against Inter too.

"We need to talk less. We need to look at the games. I expect a beautiful and important match, but also a very difficult one. Inter are a great team. We are going through a good moment, coming off a run of positive results and we are approaching safety.

"We must insist on it. The maths say that Atalanta, who are third from bottom, can get nine points from their last three games.

"This means that it's still open, that nothing is decided. The important thing is for Lazio not to make any calculations, but to get as many points as possible from here until the end of the season."